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March 04, 2019



Saudi Arabia / 2019 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 17 mins


Genre: Documentary


Rating: PG



The film poses a simple question about black abaya on a different random group of Saudi women.

Why do you wear Abaya?


Directed/ Screenplay by Mohammed Salman


DOP: Ahmad Al Jaroudi


Editor: Ahmad A. / Mohammad Salman


Producer: Mousa Althonian, Abdulmohsen Almutairi, Mohamed Salman

Copy Of -The Wedding Dress - 24 mints

January 08, 2017


Asmahan is a superstitious seamstress. She believes, like everyone in town, if she sews her daughter's wedding dress for herself she would die. A curse all seamstresses must endure. On the other hand, her daughter, Maryam, does not believe in any of the town's superstitions. Her dream is to wear a wedding dress made by her mother, the best seamstress in town.  As the day of her daughter's wedding gets closer, she is faced with the challenge, would the dress kill her or not?


Producer : Fahmi Farahat. Mohamed Salman

Scriptwriter : Zainab Alnaser

DOP: Chaker Ben Yahmed

Editor: Saleh Nas

Cast: Abdulmohsen Alnemer, Shaikha Zowaid, Sally Zack Fatifmah Al-Buainain


Production by Studio Myrkott

Address: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Phone:  +966568354441



YELLOW- 13 mints

February 08, 2016

The film shot in Qatif city one of the oldest and biggest cities in the eastern of Saudi Arabia, where taxi driver made an empty place as a station point since fifty years ago.


Producer: Mohammed Salman


DOP: Hassan Saeed

Editor: Mohammed Salman

CART- 11 mints

February 01, 2015

The story of a poor family struggling to keep their life going on by counting on a cart, which all member of the family has his own use. It's a truck, ambulance and a race car Its a truck, ambulance and a race car.

Producer: Mohammed Salman

Writer: Wafa Abdullah

Cast: Hussain Alghwi, Salah Jarad, Suzan Abdullah, Abu Ali. 

EPOVANTAIL - 15 mints

February 17, 2014

Abu Salman family was waiting for the angels to come to bless their farm, so the farm would appear as it looked like before. Thus, in order for the angels to come, they put up good men dressings on the scarecrows of the farm as they believed that their spirits would encourage the angels to come down from the sky. Therefore, as a result, the farm could get blessed


 Mohammed Salman


 Rawiah Alnaser


 Husaain Alhaswi, Abdullah Ramadan, Suzan Abdullah.


March 05, 2013

Life of Two homeless men become change after they  found a dead body in their back street where the live.

THE BICYCLE - 17 mints

January 04, 2012

Little Mohammad enjoys going to the beach with his uncle to learn how to ride a bicycle. When another uncle has an accident, he is concerned about Mohammad and prevents him from going out on his bicycle.

Producer: Mohammed Salman

Writer: Abbas Alhayk

Cast: Hussain JuniorHussain Yousif

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